You Can’t Heal Until You
Can Be with What You Feel

Tap into Healing for Your Mind and Body
with Somatic Therapy

Somatic Therapy in Charleston, SC

Your body does a lot more than carry you around.

“Soma” means body – somatic therapy views your body as where you experience life.

In traditional therapy, you can talk about painful experiences for years without healing them.

Understanding and insight don’t penetrate where these experiences live in your nervous system.

Unearthing old family dynamics and exploring the traumatic experiences is exhausting.

Time doesn’t heal all wounds.

Unfortunately, some experiences leave residual effects that don’t lessen over time.

You may have noticed more physical symptoms of anxiety, like a tight chest and tingling in your hands.

Headaches or feeling lightheaded come out of nowhere. Your jaw is constantly sore.

Most of the time, you try just to push through, but it’s getting more complex.

Bring your body into therapy.

Our sessions are a safe space for you to feel and allow the intelligence of your body to heal you.

We always go your pace, integrating the feelings, sensations, and messages your body needs.

What does this look like, exactly?

It could be as simple as noticing how you’re sitting when you chat about a particular topic.

We’ll take time to notice sensations that arise when you say you feel anxious or sad.

This is a therapy that goes beyond words.

It can be hard to verbalize your feelings, so we turn to your body to see what it’s communicating.

Somatic therapy gives you movement tools to help you release stored emotions.

Somatic therapy directly addresses the source of stress, anxiety, trauma, and chronic pain.

By integrating somatic therapy with other therapeutic modalities, you’ll experience a holistic approach to healing.

It’s time you experienced ease in your body.

Your body is how you experience this world.

It is where relationships are formed and where hurt happens.

Harness the intelligence of your body for profound healing.

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