About Kinship Holistic Psychotherapy

Ok, so what’s therapy ABOUT?

From your first encounter with us, we want you to feel deeply comfortable so you can show up authentically. You will find a well-decorated and cozy space waiting for you when you come to our office.

We will go at your pace; there is no forcing of topics or doing anything you aren’t ready for.

In your first session, we will learn about you. Usually, we tell clients, we won’t change your life today. We will consider this first session successful if two things happen: (1) You feel you can trust us and we understand you. (2) We get to know a bit about you and your story.

That’s it.

From there, we build on what we’ve learned.

We will start to unpack what brings you to therapy and how you want to see things differently, such as looking curiously at things without judgment or harshness. Our work together will offer you a witness to your healing journey. We promise to show up for you if you show up in front of us. We will provide you with a relationship because we are real people, not robots.

In therapy, we want you to discuss your feelings in the present moment by asking, “What’s it like to talk about this right here?”< We do this because we don’t want you to report and discuss something on our agenda. Our goal is for you to feel it and move through it.

We will talk about what happens between us to practice things in the relationship that therapy provides so that you can go out in the world and show up differently in your relationships.

Sitting with us, you will feel deeply cared for and cared about. Believing that we all need a mirror in others, we will gladly hold up a mirror for you to see how lovely and loved you are. Hopefully, after some time, you will see that same lovely person looking back at you, too.

Therapy is a worthwhile investment.

We get it; carving out for therapy is a big deal. So how is it “worth it”? All our therapists have skills and training in a specific way to help get you unstuck. Sometimes, this might involve a particular therapy modality such as EMDR, EFT, Child-Centered Play Therapy, or Somatic work.

But regardless of what modality we employ, our goal is to hold space for you to feel your emotions and process past experiences that might be holding you back from how you want to show up in the world authentically. The experience of engaging with your story in therapy and befriending all the parts of yourself will lead to growth, change, and healing in all areas of your life.

Founder’s Statement – Meredith Little

My dream when I began this practice was to create a place where people feel FULLY seen and can bring all facets of their lives into the therapy room.

Clients often say, “Maybe this isn’t relevant for therapy.” But here is the thing – it’s all relevant for therapy. What happens in your body and relationships is highly important. Your experience with us is as unique and beautiful as you are.

The name of our practice, Kinship, is significant. It’s about belonging and finding a place where you are at home and can connect with the deepest parts of your story.

I invite you to experience our family of caring.

Meet Our Therapists