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Counseling in Charleston, South Carolina.

Often clients who benefit from EMDR say things like, “I felt like I always knew that cognitively but never felt it—now I feel it.”

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Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a powerful psychotherapy approach designed to help individuals recover from traumatic events, distressing memories, and psychological symptoms that result from disturbing life experiences. This innovative therapy, developed by Francine Shapiro in the late 1980s, has gained widespread recognition for its effectiveness in treating various mental health conditions. Unlike traditional talk therapy, EMDR focuses on the way the brain processes information and memories which in turn helps facilitate the brain’s natural healing processes.

During an EMDR session, a trained therapist guides the individual through a series of bilateral stimulation techniques, which may involve side-to-side eye movements, taps, or sounds. These techniques aim to stimulate both hemispheres of the brain, allowing the person to reprocess distressing memories in a less distressing way.

EMDR therapy in charleston sc

An amazing part of EMDR is that it is also helpful to unravel deeply held beliefs in order to embrace new ones. This might look like someone who has always felt that they are “not good enough” being able to embrace the belief that they are “good enough regardless.” There are times that talk therapy hits a dead end in its effectiveness and EMDR can be so helpful to break through that block. Since COVID-19, EMDR has been adapted to be used virtually and remotely. How amazing is that? That is how eager your brain is to heal, that given the right tools, it will work through what it needs to work through. Your brain does the work in ways you could never do just by talking through a memory or negative thought pattern. 

EMDR has been clinically proven to be effective in treating conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depression, phobias, and other trauma-related disorders. It can benefit individuals who have experienced various types of trauma, including accidents, abuse, natural disasters, or combat-related incidents.

If you are interested in exploring EMDR therapy in Charleston, please reach out!

We take an integrative and holistic psychotherapy approach, seeing you as a whole person: mind, body, and soul. Kinship means connection and through it we find belonging that is essential for living wholeheartedly.

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