Play Therapy

Your child is struggling to cope.

Not sleeping well – crying a lot. They don’t have the words, but their actions tell you that they are really struggling.

You see it leak out in moments – when they are putting on their shoes before school or at the dinner table through meltdowns, tantrums, and outbursts.

Or maybe you are seeing them shut down more and more.

Overwhelmed is how you describe your day.

It’s overwhelming because you have more than one child to care for, and yet this one child and their needs seem to empty your cup.

It’s difficult to know what actions to take. Do you ignore the behavior, or do you attune to it?

Teaching your child an emotional world is also hard because you are still learning to express your own emotions in a healthy way.

It causes stress and conflict with your partner because you disagree on handling what is happening with your child.

Kids don’t have the words that adults have.

Their world is playing. We will help your child process their inner world in a way they can – through play therapy.

It is powerful for a child to know they have a safe place to go – a place that is all about them, and the adult there can handle whatever they bring to the session or say during it.

Our kind child therapist at Kinship will guide your child to unpack the bag of things they carry.

We provide a safe place to teach your child how to handle their emotions.

Let us help your child learn the language of emotion and the sensations in their body.

In doing this, your kid will gain the skills of emotion regulation and impulse control.

We will also encourage and equip you, the caregiver, with the tools you need to understand your child better and help them.

I know their struggles have taken away a lot of your confidence in your ability to help them… We are going to give you strategies and methods to feel like a successful parent again.

Let’s begin with a free consultation.