Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety can become hard to control.

Your brain and body feel highjacked, causing ups and downs, racing thoughts, and panic attacks. You are exhausted from the fight or flight. You can’t be present. The tightness in your chest used to come and go – now it seems part of you.

Some say that anxiety isn’t an emotion; it’s the avoidance of an emotion. If you’re a client of Meredith, you will probably hear her say something about anxiety being a “stiff arm” (picture the Heisman stance). It works to keep the thing away, but man, your arm will get tired over time. There is a cost to that arm keeping whatever “it” is at a distance.

We can bravely look at the things you might be avoiding. If you are using all that energy to keep your feelings at bay, there is so much energy that you can’t spend on other things – connection, creativity, joy, and play. Those are what we want to help you embrace.

You can feel your feelings, so there is room for the good stuff. We will help you learn how to move through the emotions to experience all of your life.

Depression makes everything feel so hard.

The things that used to make you happy feel like a heavy burden. Your body is heavy. You know that moving it would help, but it feels like pushing a mountain.

You are in a fog. Everything is gray and dull, and you have lost interest in things you used to enjoy.

But you feel like you have to pretend that the baby needs you, your life looks fine on paper, and there isn’t a “reason” for you to feel so sad. So, you drag yourself out of bed and force yourself through your days.

Although life may seem hopeless, there is hope for your future.

We are here with YOU!

We will hold space for sadness and help you make sense of what is driving the depression and anxiety.

Often, there are so many emotions under the surface of these emotions. Depression and anxiety can be signals that something else needs to change in your life. We want to listen to the messages that these things might be trying to tell us about your needs, desires, and boundaries.

Maybe you need to look at the things you are angry about or the needs that are going unmet in your life.

We want you to feel confident again. And we believe you can. One step at a time, doing the “next right thing.” You don’t need to do this alone.

Please take the next step and contact us today.