Couples Therapy

Unresolved issues can make it hard to move forward.

“This relationship has become just so lonely.”

“The feelings inside toward my partner feel like they might destroy me.”

“I am so angry. The books don’t help us know how to communicate.”

“I feel so unimportant and unseen.”

Our therapists work with couples at all stages of their relationships (dating, married, engaged) to help them get unstuck.

Once lost, trust is hard to regain.

“I don’t know how I will ever trust him again?”

“I don’t know if I can ever feel vulnerable with her again?”

You can. You can gain trust again. Or maybe learn to be vulnerable for the first time.

Showing up to therapy in your relationship is so brave!

Relationships take a lot of work! Seeing your way out can be almost impossible when you feel stuck in a negative cycle. Using Emotionally Focused Therapy as our guide, your couples therapist will help you see the things happening in your relationship.

Each couple on the planet gets caught in negative cycles of interaction. There is power in seeing the cycle that is at play and externalizing it. The cycle isn’t your relationship; it is an external force working against your relationship that can be a way out. Once you see it, you have the power you didn’t have before!

You will not receive cliche homework like “going on a date night.” We are here for more profound change that will not only change the relationship, but also change you as an individual.

We will practice talking about things in the therapy session in real time, helping you talk to each other in new ways and experience patterns of vulnerability that you otherwise wouldn’t know how to do. Our couples therapists have hours and hours of training in working with couples like you.

Start making a better connection.

Our goal is not to stop you from fighting but to help you learn to make a deeper connection. We aim to help you connect in your deepest places and with your most challenging pain.

To feel deeply seen and understood by your partner is a gift like none other.

Reach out now, and let’s stop this cycle of negativity!