Teen Therapy

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Teens must navigate the world of growing up, make future decisions, and attempt to remain close as a family. These transitions can seem impossible for many teens.

Knowing how to help your teen when they have shut you out is hard.

They aren’t listening to you, making their decisions scary and dangerous.

There seems to be an enormous communication gap between you and your teen.

We want to bridge the gap.

Rapport and relationships are the cornerstones of therapy with teens. Your teen will know that we care deeply about who they are and how they feel and are deeply interested in their beliefs and thoughts.

Part of being a teen is wanting to rebel and not listen to your parents. Often, the therapist will say the same thing a parent would say, but the teen can hear it differently.

Right now, teens face stressors never seen before in any generation. There is no escaping the social pressure and comparisons to others. Levels of anxiety are at an all-time high.

Help your teen take responsibility for their life and future.

Teen therapy provides teens with tools to use in real life when triggered by things at school, hobbies, sports games, or social interactions.

Therapy with teens is a slight hybrid between traditional “talk therapy” and “play therapy.” We find creative ways to engage them and get them to explore their inner world without just sitting and chatting the entire time.

Help your teen discover their voice in a constructive and not destructive way – like trying on new hats without burning down their family unit.

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