Grief and Loss

It feels like you are walking around with a hole in your chest.

This is unimaginable. You didn’t sign up for this.

Nothing could have prepared you for losing them.

People keep peppering you with cliches that just make you feel even more alone and like they just “don’t get it.”

The emotions of grief are overwhelming, unpredictable, and difficult to cope with. You just can’t keep up.

Your life is now gray.

You want to find a way to see the color again.

The loss of something in the present can often bring up previous losses experienced.

So, when you are grieving, you are also unconsciously grieving a previous unresolved loss.

Our culture doesn’t make space for grief, especially if it isn’t deemed “a big deal.”

But we grieve a lot of things that don’t literally die. We lose a lot more than a person to death; with their death, we lose the hope of a future relationship with them that was better than the current one.

We lose the dreams the way we thought they would be.

It’s important for you to find yourself again – to find yourself in a new way.

Let us help you as you travel this lonely road.

You can’t just avoid and numb this anymore.

There is a better way to show up in your world and your life. For months you have said, “I just don’t have time for therapy”… but we would argue, “You don’t have time not to go to therapy.” This is your one precious life.

We are here to help you move through the grief you are experiencing. Not that we will ever be able to “get” your exact story, but we will walk through your story with you in a way that you will no longer feel alone.

Honoring your story through telling it can often be the most honoring thing you can offer to the one you lost.

Using an integrative therapy approach, we will weave different therapy techniques together to help you take a big step forward.

Contact us today to reach out for help.