Your Child Is Having a Hard Time

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Therapy for Sensitive and Overwhelmed Children in Charleston, SC

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There is nothing wrong with your child or you.

The new baby threw everyone off balance.

Starting at a new school even gives adults anxiety, but your child is struggling.

Your child has always been sensitive, but they seem constantly overwhelmed lately.

Bedtime has become a never-ending ordeal that both you and your husband dread.

Mornings are the worst.

Every morning, your child has a new malady about why they can’t go.

Headaches, stomach aches, it breaks your heart to see your child so anxious.

But the constant negotiations are wearing you out.

Tantrums and tears consistently interrupt mealtimes and destroy the peace of your home.

Give your child a dedicated space of support.

Using play therapy, we’ll give your child new tools to express their emotions.

We’ll meet your child where they are and understand what’s happening.

Therapy gives your child tools to self-regulate when stressed and communicate their needs.

Let’s get on your child’s level.

We mean that, literally. We get on the carpet and play games with them until they feel safe.

This breaks the ice but also lets your child feel dedicated support designed for them.

Therapy allows your child to develop their language of emotion.

Developing this crucial skill sets them up for a happy social and academic life as they grow up.

Start therapy today.

Therapy allows you to bond with your child on a much deeper level.

Develop the trust and communication that will nurture your relationship for years.

Don’t wait to restore harmony in your home.

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